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Frequently asked questions

Does the Child Helpline record the phone call?
No, the Child Helpline does not record any phone call, it is only our counselor to listen to your problem. 

Is my phone call anonymous at the Child Helpline?
All the phone calls are anonymous and you can talk to us about any problem which bothers you. In case your problem is severe and you agree to offer to us your personal data, we will let the social services know immediately in order to go to the place you are. It is your choice whether you want to tell us who you are or where you are.

What if I'm not safe and I want help?
We'll listen to you and will guide you in order to pass over the situation you are involved in. It is only with your approval that a social assistant from the General Direction for Social Assistance and Child Protection will be informed about your situation. If you are not determined yet or you want to think about, you'll receive the necessary information in order to contact the social services or to come back to us. 

How much does the phone call to the Child Helpline cost?
All the phone calls are free of charge in Romtelecom and Cosmote's network. You can call us either from home or from any public phone without calling card. If you are a Cosmote subscriber, you can call us from your mobile phone.

Does the Child Helpline call me?
The Child Helpline will never call you. The phone call to the Child Helpline is free of charge so you can call us whenever and as many times you have a problem.

What kind of problems I can call the Child Helpline for?
If you are a child, you can call the Child Helpline for anything, no problem is too big or too small to talk to us about.